immobility im‧mo‧bil‧i‧ty [ˌɪməˈbɪlti] noun [uncountable] ECONOMICS
when land, labour, or capital cannot be easily moved from one kind of use or employment to another, for example when skilled workers cannot be easily employed in another job that uses different skills:

• urban problems such as housing shortages and labour immobility

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immobility UK US /ˌɪməʊˈbɪləti/ noun [U]
ECONOMICS the fact that it is difficult for people to change their situation, such as doing different work, becoming part of a different social class, or moving to a different place: political/social/occupational immobility »

Occupational immobility can occur when the skills offered by unemployed workers are not transferable to the jobs available in the economy.

Compare MOBILITY(Cf. ↑mobility)
the fact that it is difficult to move or transport something from one place to another, or to use it for a different purpose: »

the immobility of much fixed capital equipment in factories

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